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I didn’t grow up reading comic books. I didn’t have too much interest in them. It’s been kinda coincidental that I’ve made so many comic book films.


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Sheo + Kissing

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While I live… and until I die… I am an Avenger!

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Biggest OTPs of my life (in no particular order): Michael & Maria [Roswell]

"The reason you didn’t get the flashes… is because I didn’t let you get them. I didn’t let you see me. I’ve never let anyone see me before… because.. there are things inside of me that I don’t want people to see. There’s things inside of me that I’m not so proud of. But I’ve thought about it, and I want you to see me."

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"Mindy really… respects the practice. Maybe she’s even a little bit in love with the practice?”

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Logan Lerman for Interview Magazine. (full size)

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is it just me or..are the top hats on our icons decaying?

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